New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Friday, July 12, 2024
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Anybody remember what year the Superdome was first used?
It was August 1975 when the Superdome opened its doors.
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And they hosted a huge Open House that caused traffic on Poydras to back up for blocks. We all received a party favor of a little plastic key ring (I seem to recall that they were red and white heart shaped) but the most fun was listening to the guys who were giving betting odds on how long it would be before part (or All!)of the building fell down (much like when parts of the brand new I10 collapsed because of use of sub standard concrete). All the presiding officials were insistent that we call the structure The LOUISIANA Superdome, definitely NOT the New Orleans Superdome!
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My friend's parents were tremendous Saints Fans. They took me to the games mow and then. Always stopped at the Crystal (or was it a Royal Castle?) on Airline Hwy. to pick up sacks of those tiny hamburgers that cost something like 2 cents each back in the late 60's, then on to Tulane Stadium for the game.

When the dome was being built, Mr Al (who drove a dairy delivery truck for the now defunct Borden's plant on Airline) would pass by the construction site on his way to drop off icecream and milk to places in town. Every few day's he'd take a picture of the dome being built. I thought he was nuts. I thought the whole family was a little "off" in their devotion to New Orleans football.

Every few weeks Mr. Al would show all the kids his latest pictures. I remember thinking they were a bore. A bunch of trucks and cranes and beams and stuff. All I can say now is that they are fascinating. He's got stacks of these pictures--begining from the ground up. They're a real treasure. Thanks Mr. Al.
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