New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Friday, July 12, 2024
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Seafood Platter Toast

Take white bread slices (as many as needed), butter them (you can use oleo or margarine but butter is better), put them in the oven or a toaster oven, and toast until browned. Slice diagonally and place 4 pieces (arranged with crusts meeting) in the center of the plate. Top with fried seafood, french fries, etc.

Seafood Platter Toast is what I used to eat when I was young and "robust". I wanted to stretch the dining experience so I'd put each oyster, shrimp, piece of catfish, and part of the softshell crab ON the toast. Very tasty--like a soft, buttery po-boy. I used to be able to finish off the whole platter. But as I grew older I found it hard to eat all of the seafood--much less the toast.

But it looks good, kind of props up the food so it looks like you get more seafood, and it is "tradition". I love it.

Whenever my mother would fry up some oysters or shrimp she'd always serve each plate with Seafood Platter Toast, a wedge of lemon, some homemade tartar sauce and (let's not forget about this) a semi-large leaf of iceberg lettuce topped with a slice of Creole tomatoe and a few dill pickle slices ("because ya' need ta' have some salad with ya' meal").
Hey dawlin', I was just looking at the N.O. trivia you had sent me a while back. Got ta lookin' at it and found a part I knew had to be you. Saw the first web site you had didn't work and then saw your correction. What a neat site you have put together. I started cracking up out loud at your description of Seaood Platter Toast.
in years! As a matter of fact, I haven't had a seafood platter in years, but I'm drooling at the memory. Another dish accompanied by similar toast was Jim's fried chicken - always with slices of pickle, too. Now probably most people would say chicken with pickles sounds odd...but we old-timers who loved Jim's chicken know better!