New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Saturday, December 04, 2021
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Lama's St. Roch Market

Topic: At da' Butcha' Shop
Posted by: Dawleen at Sat Jul 06 06:18:31 2002
I was in Dorignac's making some selections at the butcher counter and overheard a little lady asking for some "nice" eye-round. This brought memories of Lama's St. Roch Market flooding back to me. I remember Grandma and the butcher, Mr. Thiebaud (it's pronounced Tee-bo and I thought it was "T-bone", which Mr. T. thought was hilarious), going through Grandma's selection process, "Ya got enny nice pawk chops taday? Hmmm, dose don' look so nice, ya got enny nice-ah ones den dat? What about veal roun', ya got enny nice veal taday? Da las' ones ya' gimme wussint so nice!", and so on.

An' den we took us a nice walk down St. Roch Avenoo ta Grammaw's house.

Topic: I bet'cha
Posted by: Cathy at Sun Jul 07 19:40:20 2002
I bet'cha da young people don't know that ya had'ta go to tha' mawkit awe tha neigh-ba-hood grocery EVERY DAY 'cause tha' refrigerator had'nt been invented. An tha' freezah'--well that was like somethin' out'ta Captain Marvel that nobody evah thawt they'd have in'nare kitchen. Yeah, ya had'a ice box, an'na ice man came everyday but ya' couldn't rely on'na icebox to stay cold enough ta make food last more than'na day or may two (at tha most).

So ya went ta buy food every single day--especially ya meat, poultry, awe seafood. Tawk'in about poultry, I won't even go there. That was a whole other story about feelin' tha legs on tha' live chickens, neck wringing, feather plucking and all sawts a otha' gruesome stuff.