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Monday, July 15, 2024

619 Bourbon Street -- Fouche House

1939 view,480
1964 photograph
Plans Dated May 24, 1860
1810 property purchased from Demcisells Armelis Dalomon Mallines (uncle of Vincent Rilleaux and great great grandfather of French artist Edgar Degas) by Julie bonne Foucher, a free woman of color.
Lake side of Bourbon Street
approximately 26 foot front, 120 feet back
2 stories, shared wall with neighboring building
red brick bearing walls (plastered)
ground level gallery with two large rooms
second story balcony on Bourbon Street with four rooms
slave quarters, kitchen, outhouse in rear REDO FLOOR PLAN DESCRIPTION
designed by Arsene La Carriere Latour (who was later General Andrew Jackson's engineer) and Hyacinthe Laclotte (known for his engraving of the Battle of New Orleans)
1812 purchased by Charles de Boisolanc
1818 auctioned to Mrs. R. O. Pritchard
1820 WD> Charles Patton
1826 Wd. M. Smith
1838 Victor David then Charles Caffin
1892 J.M. Jaubault
1895 Pascel Pareti
remained in Pareti family -- 1960s rotting, fallen plaster
1964 empty but owned by Marie Louise Pareti with plans for renovation into joint commercial/residential structure
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619 Bourbon Street -- Fouche House