New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Saturday, June 15, 2024
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1917 - Livery Stable Blues--the first recorded Jazz song, by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band:


1923 - Milneburg Joys (Leon Rappolo, Paul Mares, and Ferdinand 'Jelly Roll' Morton). Recorded as the New Orleans Rhythm Kings, Richmond, Indiana, July 18, 1923 featuring Morton at the piano. The piece is named after the Milneburg Resort on Lake Pontchartrain five miles north of downtown New Orleans. It later became Pontchartrain Beach Amusement Park, the The University of New Orleans: 


1923 - Camp Meeting Blues recorded by King Oliver's Jazz Band:

1923 -  New Orleans Joys written and played by Jelly Roll Morton:


1924 - Jelly Roll Solos on Bucktown Blues:


1925 - New Orleans Wiggle recorded on Victor Records by Piron's New Orleans Orchestra:


1926 - West End Romp -- originally recorded by The New Orleans Owls:


1927 - Alligator Crawl recorded by Louis Armstrong & his Hot Seven:


1928 - King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators record West End Blues. The band included early jazz greats Paul Barbarin (Drums), Barney Bigard (Clarinet, Soprano and Tenor Saxophone), Johnny Dodds (Clarinet), Kid Ory (Trombone), Johnny St. Cyr (Banjo & Guitar), Clarence Williams (Piano & Vocals), and Oliver on Cornet:


1928 - Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five play West End Blues -- considered by many to be one of the world's great Jazz
masterpieces. The band included  Johnny St. Cyr, Kid Ory, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Dodds, and Lil Hardin-Armstrong. The song was written by King Oliver and recorded in Chicago for Okeh Records:


Click here to view and hear the  National Public Radio broadcast  featuring Armstrong's recording of 'West End Blues in the Review of the 20th Century's most important American musical works. NPR's John Burnet traveled to New Orleans in search of the source of Jazz genius...'  

1929 King Oliver's Orchestra West End Blues written my King Oliver & Clarence Williams:


1930 - Jelly Roll Morton and the Red Hot Peppers recorded 'Pontchartrain', written by Morton

1938--Armond Piron copyrighted 'Why Don't You Shimmy Like My Sister Kate', but Louis Armstrong claimed that he
wrote it. This clip was recorded by Sidney Bechet and his New Orleans

1939 - Jelly Roll Morton's New Orleans Jazzmen  -  Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say.  Jelly Roll on piano and vocals. Sidney Bechet plays soprano sax and does vocals.


Mid-1950s - Pontchartrain the Beautiful Johnny Wiggs, cornet; Paul Crawford, trombone; Raymond Burke, clarinet; Doc Souchon, guitar/banjo; Knocky Parker, piano; Sherwood Mangiapane, bass/whistling; Paul Barbarin, drums. I've not yet found an audio clip for this tune.

1956--Hear Little Richard sing Tutti Frutti which was recorded in New Orleans at Cosimo Matassa's J&M Studio in 1956:

1956--Guitar Slim also recorded in New Orleans at the J&M Studio.

1958--Elvis Presley - King Creole:


1958--Elvis sings Crawfish from the movie King Creole


1959--Pete Fountain plays Milenberg Joys on his 1959 album 'Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans'.


1961-- Sam Cooke sings You Send Me  

1962- Not exactly music, but I had to include this Pontchartrain Beach Jingle & Radio Commercial   played on WTIX 1962 --original audio found on Bob Walker's NEW ORLEANS RADIO SHRINE! at   

Hank Williams sings On the Banks of the Old Pontchartrain:


1989--On The Banks Of The Old Pontchartrain. A track from 'Cajun Saturday Night' by D.L. Menard (Original Release Date: 1989) 


Richard 'Rabbit' Brown's James Alley Blues:


In 1949, Fats Domino first recorded The Fat Man at Cosimo Matassa's J&M Studio in New Orleans.


1999--Lakes of Pontchartrain. James Durst, Original Release Date: January 9,

1999--Lakes of Pontchartrain. Recorded December 14, 1999 by Planxty. 

1999--Lakes of Pontchartrain. (Louisiana Rap) by Ancient Hype from MP3 

1999--Lakes of Pontchartrain. Brendan Nolan at 

1999--Lakes of Pontchartrain. Slainte from 

2000--Mystic Pontchartrain. Kay Jay and the Rays--2000 

2000--Mystic Pontchartrain. Abner Burnett from 

2000--Lake Pontchartrain. Andi Hoffman and B-Goes from 



2009--New Orleans Nightcrawlers perform Pontchartrain Beach:


And much more...