New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Monday, July 15, 2024
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What wuzza "TIX Tenna Topper"? Ya hafta git da color an na shape right

A TIX Tenna Toppa was a styrofoam ball, orange I think, that was stuck on top of an antenna to show that you listened to WTIX, The Mighty 690. I think there were also prizes involved if the radio station people spotted it.
Okie Yat

It wuz the brainchild of 'TIX Program Director Buzz Bennett as a promotion for station WTIX to show that you were a "Mighty 690" listener.

Info garnered from Bob Walker's Radio Shrine

Dis was aroun'na tahm when people was puttin' a tiega in'nare tanks.

Explanation faw da yoots--Esso (nah Exxon) stations gave lil black and golg tiger tails away whey ya got'ta fill-up. Ya stuck dese on'ya gas cap and dey hung off ta end a ya caw. Konna cute.
Mr. Lake

I have seen a number of tiger tails hanging out of trunks in the B.R. vincinity, which is self-explanatory. The one that gets my personal first prize was the car I stopped behind here in Lake Charles--it had a rubber arm, complete with shirt sleeve, hanging outta da trunk!

Yeah, we didden yoose Esso cuz mah cuzzin owned a Texacles stashun, so Ah got sum chicken feathuhs an haddem hanging out da gas cap. We hadda chicken in oawa tank.

Doze tails is still aroun'! Ma doggie, "Tina da Weena" haz wunnadem tailz dat she plays wit'. Ah don' know hheauh she got it frum, no!