New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Monday, July 15, 2024
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Six Little Fishes

This photograph was taken during the waning hours of Hurricane Georges--viewed from the west. Notice damage to the back porch which sags. Note also the group of pilings in the foreground--which is all that remains of 'Zanca's Old Glory' since the hurricane swept it away.
1999 view from the lake (back of camp)
Special Thanks to Dan and Annette Rein for sharing this information about their camp:

The Six Little Fishes was given its name by The Rein family who were describing their grandchildren's affinity for swimming in the lake. All of the 'Fishes'/grandchildren are now over 60 years old. Dan Rein (one of the fishes) recalls spending entire summers on the lake as a child in the family camp which was furnished as a home.

The original camp was built in 1925 by 'The Fuzzy Wuzzy Twins' (a local group which performed often on the Lake) who named it 'The Music Box'.

The Rein family bought the camp in the 1940's and renamed it 'Six Little Fishes'. In 1947 the camp was sold to the LaCassio family. In 1959 two of the original 'Fishes' (and their friends) acquired the camp.

The original camp was destroyed in during a 1964 storm, rebuilt, then wiped out again in 1969. Dan Rein built and owns the existing camp.

'Six Little Fishes' is one of the 6 remaining Hayne Boulevard camps.


 1999 viewed from the lake.