New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Monday, July 15, 2024
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1818 Garbage Boat

"Resolved, moreover, that the Mayor shall have a notice inserted in the newspapers to announce to the public that the contract of two chalands or flatboats shall be adjudged to the lowest bidder at the Mayoralty office, on the day and time the Mayor shall fix; that said chalands shall be constructed according to the model to be furnished the Contractor by the Mayor and a Committee of the City Council under the supervision of the Mayor and said Council -- that they shall be placed on the river at the places to be designated by the Surveyor, conformably to the resolution taken in this respect by the City Council, and that the person who shall construct said chalands or boats shall pass a contract with the Mayor, to receive the garbage or filth of the City and Faubourgs which shall be carried thereto by the tumbrels for that purpose in order to be thrown, by means of a device of said chalands or boats in the current of the river, at a distance from the bank to be designated by the Mayor ..."

[Ordinances and resolutions of the Conseil de Ville, Session of May 23, 1818]