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New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Here's an illustrations called 'WINTER IN THE SOUTH' - for an article in HARPER'S NEW MONTLY MAGAZINE, December 1858.

That's the Milenburg/Port
Pontchartrain Light--the one that yoosta be near the stage at Pontchartrain
Beach. It is now a part of Yooenoes Technology Park. Plans were to have it near
the pool of a propased Hilton Garden Hotel. I'm not sure at this time exactly
what the plans are. For more info about (and some nice pictures of) the old
lighthouse go to href="http://www.stphilipneri.org/teacher/pontchartrain/content.php?type=1&id=216">http://www.stphilipneri.org/teacher/pontchartrain/content.php?type=1&id=216