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Monday, July 15, 2024
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1835 The Medical College of Lousiana Opens--Later Becomes Tulane University


The Medical College of Louisiana opens its doors for the first time. Located originally on Common Street between Baronne Street and University Place it lent it's presence to the names of nearby street. Besides the obvious University Place (originally Phillipa, named for Baron Carondelet's wife), Common Street as it crosses Basin Street and heads west is now Tulane Avenue. In 1847 the college became the University of Louisiana in compliance with a constitutional mandate. Finally in 1884, it became the Tulane University of Louisiana. Paul Tulane, a native of France came to New Orleans in 1822 and made a fortune in merchandising and real estate. In 1881 he decided to make a $500,000.00 endowment for an institute of higher learning in New Orleans. In the meanwhile some ruling from the Louisiana Supreme Court caused Tulane some serious tax problems. By 1884 however the logical marriage of the financially strapped University of Louisiana with Tulane's endowment to create the tax-exempt Tulane University of Louisiana was made. Today the Tulane University School of Medicine sits on Tulane Avenue just a few blocks from the original Medical College of Louisiana. Still working with New Orleans' ancient Charity Hospital, the university has for a long time enjoyed this relationship. In 1849 the Daily Picayune advertised the Medical Department of Louisiana University offered its “Course of 1849-50.” “Clinical instruction will be given daily by the professors in the extensive wards of Charity Hospital and in the amphitheaters. The facilities offered for this study of practical anatomy and operative surgery are very great - subjects being furnished free of charge.” Tuition was $60.00, $30.00 of which was for the diploma.
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