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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Monticello Avenue

1300 Monticello Ave. -- Now

A music venue. Pictured is The Chee-Weez Fifth Anniversary Party & Halloween Bash, October 31, 2002. Source:

1300 Monticello Ave. --  Now

1300 Monticello Ave. -- Then Southport Gambling House

New Southport Club 1940 postcard

Originally named "Hyland's Southport Inn" and listed as being located at 9001 Oak Street, the club was owned by Joe Hyland. Hyland sold it to George and Rudy O'Dwyer who changed the name to the "Southport Club". Charlie Kerner bought it in 1916 and renamed it the "Old Southport".

Through the years it has been called the "Southport Inn" and the "New Southport". The "New Southport" at 1300 Monticello was owned by Carlos Marcello.

The building remains, hosting live music and is now called "Southport Hall".

1300 Monticello Ave. -- Then Southport Gambling House