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Friday, July 12, 2024
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A Brief History of the Hayne Boulevard Camps:
Camp History by Decades
August, 2005 -- The End
The 1800s
The 1900s
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Camps and camp dwellers had been a colorful part of our history since the early 1900s.
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Top 10
10. To See Alligator Gars & Needle Fish
2. To Have a Gigantic Slumber Party
3. Bats??? You mean like vampire bats?
4. To See the Iceman Cometh
5. Solar Power
6. To Name the Name
7. To Talk the Talk
8. To Walk the Walk
9. To Try to See the Old Man in the Sea
And the #1 Reason for Going to the Camp--Pure FUN!
2nd Railroad in the U.S.
Elvis was in the building...
It wasn't originally the Bali Hai
Jazz was born and bred on the Lake
Longest continuous curve on U.S. rails
Over 125 species of fish
Submarine Races?
The $10,000 fish
The first movie in New Orleans
The shortest-lived rail ferry services in Louisiana
Women Lighthouse Keepers
World's Longest Bridges
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The Decades
Hurricane Georges
1832 to present, Milneburg Light (also known as the Port Pontchartrain Light)
1832-1950s - New Basin Canal
1833 to present, St. Charles Avenue Streetcar Line - An ASME Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark
Bayou St. John
Pitot House -- National Register of Historic Places
Pointe Aux Herbes Lighthouse
The Camps
1841 - The Magnolia of Lake Pontchartrain
1852 - Uncle Tom's Cabin
1874 - Life On the Mississippi
1879 - Four Months in a Sneak-Box
1894 - La Belle Zoraide
1897 - A Night in Acadie
1897 - Athénaïse
1899 - The Goodness of St. Rocque
1912 - Social Life in Old New Orleans,
1920's & 30's - Mosquitoes and Pylon
1946 - Lake Pontchartrain
2000 - Crossing Border Street
Fort St. John
Spanish American War
The Battle of New Orleans
British Options In attacking New Orleans
Jackson's greatest fear
The Civil War
CSS CARONDELET - light draft steamer
CSS Pamlico - side-wheel steamer
While George Farragut was fishing one day on Lake Pontchartrain...
World War II
Coast Guard Station
Map Depicting Military Installations along the Lake in 1942
U.S. Naval Air Station a.k.a. Camp Leroy Johnson
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Margie Vicknair-Pray's Memories of Bucktown
The History Of Bucktown, U.S.A.
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Art Trivia
1879 Illustration from The Nathanial Bishop book Four Months in a Sneakbox.
Dis is
Dis is da jacket covuh faw a Robert Tallant book.
Dis sculptcha is cawled
Franck Schneider painted this portrait c. 1920s based on an earlier painting by George Catlin.
Here is an illustration of West End from a book published in 1874.
Here's a very famous painting of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange in 1873,
Here's an illustrations called 'WINTER IN THE SOUTH' - for an article in HARPER'S NEW MONTLY MAGAZINE, December 1858.
High above the Reception Desk, enthroned in a leafy bower, Rex, King of the Carnival and Monarch of Merriment, greets his loyal
I love this gigantic clarinet. Where is it?
Illustration from a book published in 1852:
Krewe of Proteus Float Design circa 1905
Multicolored Lotus circa 1920 watercolor
One of my favorite murals in the city. Artist--Tony Green. Where is this?
The New Orleans Museum of Art is located in City Park at One Collins C. Diboll Circle.
This sculpture is called 'Serpent Mound'
This statue is in a New Orleans church. Who's da saint and name da Church?
This statue, designed by Enrique Alferez, was installed in 1988 on Magazine Street.
Today we look at some sheet music awt:
What is this building, where is it located, and what was its' original name?
Which local hotel is pictured and which artist is featured?
Who illustrated
Mr. Lake's Forum
N. O. Trivia
A well known writer who came to New Orleans in 1877 was known as 'A Lapidary in Words'
In May of 1907 Charles C. Mathews opened an amusement park here in the City of New Orleans.
In May of 1907 Charles C. Mathews opened an amusement park here in the City of New Orleans.
Joseph Vaccaro, born in Contessa Entellina, Sicily (my own ancestors' stompin' grounds) moved with his parents
many years ago when something was done backwards, it was colloquially referred to as the 'Belmont Way'. Why
On March 15, 1729 a ceremony was held for Sister Stanislas Hachard at the Ursuline Convent here in New Orleans.
This local musician and songwriter secured his place in New Orleans music history with his one and only hit.
What did it mean when the Falstaff weather ball was flashing red and white?
What does the word "Tchoupitoulas" mean?
What is the origin of the word 'stoop'?
What item was commonly used to scrub stoops in New Orleans?
What wuzza "TIX Tenna Topper"? Ya hafta git da color an na shape right
When we think of female movie stars of long ago who hailed from Noo Awlins, we usually think Dorothy Lamour.
Where was the Third District Ferry landing located?
Which Roosevelt was the hotel named after?
Zydeco is an accordian based combination of traditional sounds with rhythm and blues elements.
Today in New Orleans History
August 18, 1988 Republican National Convention in the Super Dome
1800 Oct. 1, Spain ceded Louisiana to France in a secret treaty.
1802 Apr 19, Spain reopened the New Orleans port to American merchants.
1803 Dec 20, The Louisiana Purchase was completed
1803 Dec 30, The United States took possession of the Louisiana area from France at New Orleans
1803- American troops arrive in New Orleans.
1803 Declaration...the town of Bayou St. John shall be a port of delivery
1803 New Orleanians Become Americans
1804 Louisiana Purchase was divided into Territories of
1804 - The first English language newspaper in New Orleans
1805 Jul 25, Aaron Burr visited New Orleans with plans to establish a new country, with New Orleans as the capital city.
1806 Andrew Jackson Duel
1806 Norbert Rillieux is Born
1812 Louisians Becomes a State
1812 The first steamboat arrived in New Orleans
1814 - Battle of New Orleans
1814 - General Andrew Jackson announces martial law in New Orleans
1814 Andrew Jackson Arrives in New Orleans
1814 British Use Fireworks in The Battle of New Orleans
1814 The Steamboat New Orleans Sinks
1815 The Battle of New Orleans
1816 -- 1st double decked steamboat, Washington, arrives in New Orleans
1816 - Jacques Philippe Villere - Governor
1816 The town of Covington is Chartered
1818 Garbage Boat
1819 Coffee Ad
1823 Overcrowded Jails
1830 The Pontchartrain Railroad is Chartered
1831 - First
1831 The Pontchartrain Railroad begins running on what is now the Elysian Fields Avenue neutral ground
1832 Schooner Robert Burns Sails to New Orleans
1832 The Pontchartrain Railroad
1834 Madame Lalaurie's Legend
1835 The Medical College of Lousiana Opens--Later Becomes Tulane University
1837 A New Jail
1839 Debtors Prison
1844 - Union Forces Advance toward New Orleans
1851 Passenger List
1854 The Great State Post Stakes
1855 Rematch of at the Metairie Race Track
1857 Comus, the god of revelry, became the first New Orleans Mardi Gras parade
1860 Fireworks Drive Man Crazy
1861 - a
1861 - Free Negroes of the City meet and then tender their services to the Confederate Government
1862 Gen. Benjamin “Beast” Butler orders Mrs. Philip Philips imprisoned on Ship Island
1862 - Harper's Weekly Illustration
1862 - Women's Order
1862 Henriette Delille Dies
1862 The Capture of New Orleans
1862, New Orleans fell to Union forces during Civil War
1863 Feux de Joie Aid Confederate Army
1863 Governor John M. Parker is Born
1864 The New Orleans Tribune, 1st African-American daily newspaper was founded
1867 Comus Parade
1867 New Orleans dedicated its first synagogue
1870 Algiers was annexed as part of New Orleans
1870 The New Orleans Pelicans Debut
1870 The U.S. government’s first simultaneous weather report was made from 23 weather stations across the country-including N.O.
1870 Twelfth Night Revelers - 2nd N.O. Carnival Krewe
1876 NOLTC is the country’s first lawn tennis club
1876 Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church
1877 Federal troops were ordered out of New Orleans, ending the North's post-Civil War rule in the South.
1878 J. F. Doescher opens Lutheran Sunday school for Negroes
1884 Oscar Papa Celestine is born
1887 The N.O. The Pelicans make their professional debut
1889 - Death of Confederate President Jefferson Finis Davis
1889 David C. Hennessey becomes the city’s first Superintendent of Police
1890 Superintendent of Police, David C. Hennessey is Murdered
1892 Sullivan vs Corbett Fight
1893 The Longest Prizefight in History
1896 Plessy vs. Ferguson
1896 First Movie in New Orleans
1896 First Movie Theater in the United States
1897 Sidney Bechet is Born -- and died on his 62nd Birthday in 1959
1897 The Great Steamboat Race
1898 - McDonogh Monument is Dedicated
1898 Gustave Joseph (Sharkey) Bonano is Born
1903 United Confederate Veterans Reunion
1909 - Robert Tallant is Born
1909 Danny Barker was born
1909 Napoleon's Death Mask...
1910 - Moisant vs. a Packard
1911 - Hubert Humphrey (LSU graduate and Vice-President) is born.
1911 Mahalia Jackson is Born
1911 Mahalia Jackson was born
1912 USS South Carolina in New Orleans
1913 Storyville
1914 - Dorothy Lamour was Born
1914 Kitty Carlisle is born in New Orleans
1915 Pelican Stadium Opens
1915 Storm
1920 The Desire streetcar began operating
1921 - 24 ton Hibernia Bank vault door
1924 - Lee Dorsey is Born
1925 -- Roy James Brown Was Born
1925 Pulitzer Brothers Begin a Tie Empire
1927 -- Charles Lindbergh, flew the Spirit of St. Louis into Alvin Callender Field
1927 Milneburg Camps (now UNO area)
1928 The first Pontchartrain Beach at Spanish Fort
1928 World's Longest Bridge
1929 Streetcar Strike
1930 The First Coffee Break
1931 First Night Game Played at Tiger Stadium
1932 The Smokey Mary makes its' last trip to Milneburg
1933 The National Bank of Commerce
1934 Lodge No. 30 of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Approve the Idea of a Truck Parade for Mardi Gras
1934 Mayor of New Orleans Big Police Force ready to do battle with Senator Huey P. Longs Guardsmen
1935 - The Bonnet Carre Spillway is Dedicated
1935 - The Huey P. Long Bridge is Dedicated
1935 Huey P. Long Bridge Dedication
1937 - FDR in New Orleans
1937 - Legal documents bound by WPA Bookbinding Project.
1937 Lagoon Bridge (City Park)
1937 New Orleans Item Political Cartoon,
1938 Allen Toussaint was born
1938 Fascism or Freedom
1939 -- Fire Station #1 at Elysian Fields and Pelopidas St.
1939 Robert E. Lee Blvd. Bridge
1939 Oretha Castle Haley is Born
1940 - St. Mark's Community Center
1940 Dr. John (born Malcolm Rebennack, aka Mac Rebennack) is Born
1940 Duke Ellington Records Ko-Ko
1940 WPA Bookbinding Project
1941 Linclon Beach
1941 Pontchartrain Beach
1941 Pontchartrain Beach
1942 Air Raid Warning Truck
1944 West End Street Car
1946 Chep Morrison Inauguration
1948 - WDSU TV Channel 6 in New Orleans begins broadcasting.
1948. The Desire Streetcar Ceases Operation
1952 De La Salle High School is Officially Dedicated
1952 Evarts Ambrose Graham Dies
1952 The Falstaff Weather Ball is First Lit
1953 Homer Plessy is Born
1954 - The new Union Railroad Station opens
1954 Oscar
1956 - Daniel Mukes, traditional jazz snare drummer from New Orleans, Louisiana died
1956 -- John F. Kennedy at the Roosevelt Hotel
1956 Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Opens
1956 Audubon Park Fishing rodeo
1957 Pelican Stadium Closes
1960 - Gov. Davis seeks funding for private education
1960 - Jimmie Davis is elected governor
1960 Jessie Hill recorded Ooh Poo Pah Doo
1961 Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law hits the Billboard Charts
1961 Imprisonment for debt is abolished legally in Louisiana
1962 New Orleans Citizens Committee gave a free one-way ride to blacks to move North.
1962 Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel ordered all Roman Catholic schools in the New Orleans diocese to end segregation.
1962 Vic Schiro's Inauguration
1963 - Tidelands Officially Deeded
1964 - Louis Armstrong hit the top of the pop charts for the first time in his career with
1964 Mayor Morrison's Funeral
1965 - Joe Rotis, traditional jazz trombonist, dies
1967 Mayor Schiro confers with his legislative leaders
1967 Saints launched their first season-ticket drive
1967 The Notorious Riverfront Expressway
1967 Vic Schiro and Alton Ochsner
1968 - Christopher 'Black Happy' Goldston, traditional jazz drummer from New Orleans, Louisiana died
1968 Scoop Kennedy's Birthday
1969 Fire on Oak Street
1970 the Doors made their last appearance with Jim Morrison.
1971 Louis Armstrong Dies
1972 - Lous Saint at WTIX Radio
1972 Mahalia Jackson Dies
1973 Mardi Gras
1976 Times-Picayune Article About Pralines
1978 - Harold Cooper died
1980 - The New Orleans Saints end their 14 game losing streak
1981 Oliver Alcorn Dies
1983 Sweet Emma Barrett Dies
1989 - Deep Cold in the Deep South
1989 - New Orleans native Bobby 'I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday' Mitchell passed away at the age of 53, on this day.
1989 Professor Longhair (born Henry Roeland Byrd) Dies
1993 The Pelican Brief
1994 Danny Barker Passes Away
1997 Our Mother of Perpetual Help Chapel
1997 Termites threaten New Orleans' treasures
Apr 11, 1713 The French colony of Acadia was ceded to Great Britain
April 1, 1778 Oliver Pollock created the $ sign
April 1, 1778 Oliver Pollock created the dollar sign
April 15, 1958 Greater New Orleans Bridge opening
April 15, 1958 Greater New Orleans Bridge opening
April 27, 1999 Al Hirt, Dies
April 4, 1812 The Territory of Orleans admitted to the Union
April 4, 1812 The territory of Orleans became the 18th state
April 8, 1812 Louisiana Territory become Missouri Territory
April 9, 1682 La Salle discovers New Orleans
Aug 25, 1718 Hundreds of French colonists arrived in Louisiana
Aug. 7, 1727 Ursaline Nuns Arrive in New Orleans
August 4, 1901 Louis Armstrong was born
August 17, 1969 Hurricane Camille
August 18, 2000 Dorothy Mae Delavallade Taylor Dies
August 25, 1718 City of New Orleans founded
August 25, 1718 City of New Orleans founded
August 25-26, 1992 Hurricane Andrew
August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina
August 3, 1975 Superdome (New Orleans) opened.
Benjamin F. Butler, U.S. Civil War General, died on this day in 1893
Comic performer Ellen DeGeneres was born on this day in 1958 in New Orleans.
December 10, 1914 Dorothy Lamour is born .
December 20, 1802 U.S. purchases Louisiana Territory
December 23, 1794 - Cathedral Dedicated
December 27, 1741 - Jean Etienne Bore is Born
December 31, 1910 - John B. Moisant Crashes
December 31, 1910 John B. Moisant Crashes
December 7, 1861 CSS Pamlico
December 7, 1978 The Falstaff Weather Ball Goes Dark
Feb. 1, 1700 First Buildings
Feb. 16, 1811 Territory of Orleans Constitutional Convention
Feb. 27, 1979 Mardi Gras cancelled due to New Orleans Police strike
February 1, 1937 Garrett Morriss is born
February 25, 1964 Eastern flight 304 crashes in Lake Pontchartrain
February 27, 1827
February 27, 1949 - New Orleans Wedding
February 28, 1849 - The Odd Fellows Dedicate Their New Cemetary
February 8, 1922 Ground Breaking for the Notre Dame Seminary
January 1
January 31, 1752 First American Nun
January 7-8, 1973 Howard Johnson sniper (Mark Essex) incident
Jayne Mansfield died in an automobile, on her way from Biloxi to New Orleans - June 29, 1967
Jazz clarinetist Pete Fountain was born on July 3, 1930 in New Orleans
Jazz singer Fats Domino was born on this day in New Orleans in 1928.
Jazz trumpeter Al Hirt was born on this day in 1922 in New Orleans.
July 10, 1941- Air Training Base Project
July 11, 1938 Mayor Maestri on a WPA Project Tour
July 12, 1965 Schiro Fourth Anniversary celebration
July 15, 1941 Navy Air Training Base commissioned
July 2, 1955 Road Construction
July 24, 1940 - Federal Music Project
July 25, 1968 - Maison Blanche Fire
July 31, 1936 - St. Roch Playground
July 9, 1982 Airplane crash (PanAm flight 759) in Kenner
June 10, 1937 Pontalba Buildings Renovation
June 11, 1955 Jockey Club House
June 12, 1967 - New Orleans Fire Department
June 13, 1870 - Check written by Benjamin Keyes Fawcett
June 14, 1999 - Al Gore in New Orleans
June 15, 1881 Marie Laveau Dies
June 17, 1911- The Milneburg Playground
June 18, 1955 Ruins of house where Pakenham died
June 19, 1909, The chartering of Greater New Orleans Homestead
June 2, 1938 - New City Park Bridge
June 20, 1953 - 600 block of St. Peter Street
June 21, 1937 - Rural Letter Carriers' Convention
June 22, 1905 George Moore | Burglar |
June 23, 1973 Jimani/Upstairs Lounge fire
June 25, 1955 St. Patrick's Church
June 26, 1910 St. Roch Playground Opens
June 27, 1939 Charity Hospital tunnel
June 28, 1957 Hurricane Audrey
June 3 - Confederate Memorial Day
June 6, 1939 - Firestation Construction at Elysian Fields and Pelopidas
June 7, 1981 St. Roch Swimming Pool dedication
June 9, 1939 - American Legion-WPA baseball team at City Park.
Juy 14, 1955 Bob Hope in New Orleans
March 13, 1998 Risen Star Dies
March 17, 1884 - Alcide 'Yellow' Nunez is born
March 2, 1699 Sieur De Iberville Finds the Mouth of the Mississippi
March 20, 1687 Cavalier Sieur De La Salle is Assassinated
March 21, 1788 Almost the entire city was destroyed by fire
March 21, 1788 The Good Friday Fire
March 29, 1721 Governor Bienville choses site of New Orleans
March 30, 1967 Airplane crash at Airport Hilton in Kenner
March 5,1766 Spanish official Don Antonio de Ulloa
March 9, 1699 Indians lead Iberville & Bienville to Bayou St. John
May 1, 1995 - Harrah's New Orleans Casino grand opening
May 11, 1988 Cabildo fire
May 12, 1984 Louisiana World Exposition (World's Fair) opening day
May 3, 1978 Extensive street flooding in New Orleans
May 31, 1958 Race screens are removed from NOPSI buses
May 8, 1995 Extensive street flooding in New Orleans
November 25, 1947 John Laroquette is born in New Orleans
November 29, 1972 Rault Center fire
October 1, 1811First steamboat reached New Orleans viâ the Mississippi
October 10, 1923 Milneburg (Before and After)
October 12, 1844 George Washington Cable is born
October 16, 1972 Disappearance of Hale Boggs
October 18, 1961 Wynton Marsalis was born in New Orleans
October 28, 1768 Germans and Acadians join French Creoles
October 31,1803 Congress ratified the purchase of Louisiana
October 5, 1799 First Greek church wedding in New Orleans
On this day in 1933, a barge towed from New Orleans arrived in Chicago, the first to go from the Great Lakes to the Gulf.
One of the coldest days on record
Pontchartrain Beach Amusement Park's last day of rides--September 25, 1983
Republican convention in New Orleans
Richard Simmons & Jay Thomas are born in New Orleans
September 1, 1990 Aquarium of the Americas grand opening
September 11, 1722 First Recorded Hurricane
September 11, 1965 Flood Street Photo -- Aftermath of Hurricane Betsy
September 11-13, 1987 Papal visit (Pope John Paul II)
September 16, 1964 The Beatles perform in City Park Stadium
September 28, 1998 Hurricane Georges
September 9, 1965 Hurricane Betsy
Shirley Ann Grau was born
Singer and jazz pianist Harry Connick, Jr., was born on this day in 1967 in New Orleans.
St. Joseph's Day
The Battle of New Orleans of the War of 1812 was fought on this day in 1814
The Cleveland Playground at Tulane and South Claiborne opens
The first double-decker steamboat, the Washington, to reach New Orleans did so on this day in 1816.
The first permanent Roman Catholic convent in America was opened on this day in 1726 in New Orleans.
The first steamboat on the Mississippi River at New Orleans, Jan. 10, 1812
Truman Capote is Born
Venetian blinds were patented by John Hampson in New Orleans in 1841.
WPA Project Tour, June 24, 1938
WTIX Music Survey- June 8, 1974
Alexander Milne
President Taft - 1909
Ports & Harbors
Lake Port at West End
St. John's Port at Bayou St. John
The Southern Yacht Club
Historic American Buildings--American Memory-Library of Congress
Louisiana State Museum
Louisiana State Museum
Mark Twain's Illustrataions
New Oleans Online-Culture
New Orleans Public Library
Pierre LeMoyne Sieur d'Iberville--Discoverer of the Mississippi
Project Gutenburg
The Historical Hightlights of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin
Student Activities
All About the Camps Scavenger Hunt
Family Interview Sheet
New Orleans Lakefront Treasure Hunt
Site Map
Articles about Jazz
JOHNNY REININGER Times-Picayune Obituary
Articles about Jazz & Pontchartran Beach
Despite its popularity as an amusement park, Pontchartrain Beach’s history remains sketchy at best...
Articles about Milneburg
Smokey Mary a.k.a. the Pontchartrain Railroad
There were several excursion boats in operation by the late 1870s...
Articles About Pontchartrain Beach
1948: Ferris wheel ride part of dad's special treat
Ride and seek: Pontchartrain Beach - 15 years later.
The Zephyr Rollercoaster (or, rather, what's left of it)
Articles about Shushan Airport
Chronicles of Recent History: Memories from the Quiet Birdmen
Articles about Spanish Fort
Over the years, Spanish Fort changed hands quite a few times...
Articles about West End
Streetcar: The West End That Was
West End History & the Excursion boats
The Book

Across the Lake
1860s Pontchartrain Railroad Company Steamer Receipts
1895 ~CAPE CHARLES Ferry/Steamboat
1900's ~The steamboat New Camelia
1930's - present 5 Mile Bridge to Slidell
1956 - present ~~The Causeway
Illinois Central Railroad
L.& N. Railroad
Southern Railway
Over the Lake
1934 - present ~Shushan Airport (now New Orleans Lakefront Airport)
Roller Coaster at West End
Overview of Transportation and the Lake
To the Lake
1700s - Old Basin (Carondelet) Canal
1830-1930 ~The Pontchartrain Railroad (The Smoky Mary)
1830's - 1950's~~The New Basin Canal
1870's ~~The Shell Road
1921-present ~~The Industrial Canal
1930's - present ~Lake Shore Drive