New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Monday, July 15, 2024
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British Options In attacking New Orleans

"British Options In attacking New Orleans from their base at Negril Bay, Jamaica, the British had seven potential routes...(One of which was) The route from Lake Borgne through the narrow straits known as the Rigolets, across Lake Pontchartrain, and up Bayou St. John."

During "Preparations for War...(Andrew) Jackson moved quickly to prepare for the enemy's expected assault. He prepared defense strategies to match the variety of attack paths available to the British. Jackson deployed Louisiana militia detachments to fell trees, scout enemies, and guard the numerous small streams the British could use to enter the city. To protect Lakes Borgne and Pontchartrain Jackson relied on navy gunboats under the command of Daniel T. Patterson. He also sent Major Plauché's New Orleans militia companies to Forts St. John and Petites Coquilles north of the city to fend off a Lake Pontchartrain approach. "