New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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1876 NOLTC is the country’s first lawn tennis club

In the summer of that year, some English cotton merchants, no doubt having played the game in their homeland where it was first patented, were working in New Orleans. They found a lot on Phillip Street near Prytania and converted it into a makeshift tennis court.

These young English sportsmen, along with some congenial New Orleans companions, joined forces on Dec. 15, 1876. They established a planning committee composed of V. Wallace, G.J. Bratton, George Hartley, G.R. Westfelt, E. Dobell and Lucas Moore. The newly established planning committee members met with a small group of lawn tennis enthusiasts to draw up an organizational chart with an avowed purpose of “the advancement and encouragement of the game of lawn tennis.” On Dec. 15, 1876 the NOLTC became the country’s first lawn tennis club.

Source: Buddy Stall at