New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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1803 Declaration...the town of Bayou St. John shall be a port of delivery

alt="1803 Declaration-...the town of Bayoue St. John shall be a port of delivery"

An Act for Laying And Collecting Duties or Imports and Tonnage within the
Territories Ceded to the United States, by the Treaty of the Thirtieth of April,
One Thousand Eight Hundred and Three, Between the United States and the French
Republic, and for Other Purposes: SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That, to
the end that the laws providing for the collection of the duties imposed, by
law, on goods, wares and merchandise, imported into the United States, and on
the tonnage of ships and vessels, and the laws respecting the revenue and
navigation of the United States, may be carried into effect within the said
territories, the territories ceded to the United States by the treaty above
mentioned, and also all the navigable waters, rivers, creeks, bays, and inlets,
lying within the United States, which empty into the Gulf of Mexico, east of the
river Mississippi, shall be annexed to the Mississippi district, and shall,
together with the same, constitute one district, to be called the 'District of
Mississippi.' The city of New Orleans shall be the sole port of entry in the
said district, and the town of Bayou e St. John shall be a port of delivery, a
collector, naval officer, and surveyor shall be appointed to reside at New
Orleans, and a surveyor shall e be appointed to reside at the port of Bayou St.
John; and the President of the United States is hereby authorized to appoint,
not exceeding three surveyors, to reside at such other places, within the said
district, as he shall deem expedient, and to constitute each, or either of such
places ports of delivery only. And so much of any law or laws, as establishes a
district on the river Mississippi, south of the river Tennessee, is hereby
repealed, except as to the recovery and receipt of such of duties on goods,
wares and merchandise, and on the tonnage of ships c or vessels, as shall have
accrued, and as to the recovery and distribution of fines, penalties, and
forfeitures, which shall have been incurred before the commencement of the
operation of this act.

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 By the time of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, Chiconcte (Madisonville)
and Barrio of Buck Falia (Covington) had begun to develop as trade and
transportation centers. The Port of Bayou St. John in New Orleans began trade
excursions across Pontchartrain to the settlements, and vessels began to be
built on the Northshore. So began an industry in Madisonville which continues

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