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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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1972 - Lous Saint at WTIX Radio


WTIX Music Survey- April 8, 1972 - Featuring All Night DJ Lou Saint.
Compiled by and posted to Bob Walker's site at href=""

 I used to love those surveys. We used to get them at
"The Turntable", the record store at Lakeside (before it was a mall). Sometimes
we would go down to the radio station to get one (529 Bienville) I can't
remember if it was WTIX or WNOE though LOL.   I do remember Lou Kirby
though. CC Courtney was my favorite of course. It was fun reading the songs on
that survey in the picture. It brought back some memories considering that I
graduated from high school that May of 1972.

We would get those surveys at Radio Vision (I think that's what it was
called) on Metairie Road by Sal's snowball stand. We thought we were real hot
when we managed to acquire one. I think it was WNOE at 529 Bienville, mainly
because my uncle always told us that WTIX was "somewhere out in the sticks" and
the reason for that was because the awful excuse for music that they aired
wasn't allowed inside the city limits.

I remembuh at one tahm da surveys had pictchas of all da D.J.s on 'em. And
we'd sit around and ogle all la photos and desod who was da cutest one.