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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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1937 - FDR in New Orleans

FDR enjoys a post-luncheon smoke at Antoine's using his well-known cigarette
holder. The man in the bow tie behind the President is Roy Alciatore, the
proprietor of Antoine's. Photograph by Earl S. Martin. [E. S. Martin Photograph
Collection] President Franklin Delano Roosevelt visited the Crescent City on
April 29, 1937. He came to dedicate the Roosevelt Mall in City Park near the
city's new municipal stadium, then under construction . The mall and the
stadium, along with other improvements to the Park, were project of the Works
Progress Administration (WPA), one of the keystones of FDR's New Deal. The
President arrived in New Orleans by train following a journey from Washington
through Atlanta and on to the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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What did Mayor Maestri say to FDR at the dinner at Antoines?
And, some more trivia--which guy in the picture is Mayor
Mr. Lake

He said, ' How ya like dem erstas,
Mista Prezidunt?'.

An I liked
da erstas just fine at Bozo's tonight. I don't know which wunnadem mens is Mayor
Maestri unless its the one wit' his head turned around.

Ah'm pretty shooa Maestri is da guy
sittin next'a FDR--da one lookin straight inta da camera.

Take a look at dat photo one mooah tahm
tell me it don't rezemble a Taliban awe Iraqi govument get tagethuh. Not a woman
in site.

Mr. Lake

 Here's a photo of FDR, Governor Leche to his left,
and then Mayor Maestri.