New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Friday, July 12, 2024
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Pokorny Shoes
The shoe store of Michael Pokorny (which also custom made shoes) dates from the 19th century and still exists today at 109 St. Charles Ave. The price for Florsheims has gone up, however!
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Brocato's = Italian ice, canoles, cassatta, spumoni—yum!
Bud Rip's - This venerable old watering hole, once a hangout for politicians, gamblers and husbands getting a brief respite from the turbo-babble in their shotgun houses, is located on the corner of Piety and Burgundy Streets. Take a walk through the door and step back in time. Pressed tin ceiling overhead, Brunswick bar against the wall with its African mohogany acanthus leaves looking a bit the worse for wear.

I swear the place looks just like it did when I first set foot there back in the '40's. I was just a kid, brought there by my Dad and Uncle. Bud Rip's was where I first tasted beer. It was just a sip from a tiny glass that Mr. Bud kept on the bar just for me (Bud Rip was really Bud Ripoll, a 'Nint' Wawd' political figure who could get you out of jail if you got picked up!).

Across the street was where the Schwegmann Family opened their very first grocery store. Piety Lot was a block away and after a hot baseball game, Bud Rip's was the place to go for some tonsil cooling. It's still there, waiting for you to drop in sometime.
Dixie = beer (although not universally well loved). The brewery is on Tulane Avenue.

Doctah Tishnahs Antaseptic = Dr. Tichenor's Anticeptic

Nick's (Nick Castrodigiavanni's Big Train Bar) on Tulane, across from the brewery. Now has 16 ounce Dixie draft for $1.00!