New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Friday, July 12, 2024
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Snake Farm

My cousin, to whom I some times refer in the forums, started talking about
the snake farm in Slidell back in the 40's/50's. He cannot believe I do
not remember 85% of what we did as kids. So he gets this stunned look on
his face (as usual) when I just look at him with a blank stare (as usual)
when he started talking about all these details of when we use to visit the
snake farm.

Anyway, he told me the guy who owned the snake farm, who's
name he just told me but I can't remember that either, is the guy who
started and owns Nautilus body building/gym equipment. Of course, he is
talking about the guy like he was our dear friend and I do not remember
ever going to the snake farm or even meeting the guy.

But, I did
remember that just last night, I saw a tv commercial for Nautilus
mattresses. The snake guy became a multi-millionaire with Nautilus
equipment and now is branching out to bedding.

Ya jest neva know who ya
gonna meet at at a snake place and some day crawl intah dere bed.
I remember the Gorilla Snake Farm in LaPlace. There were signs on Airline
Highway starting at the airport advertising it. I went there once on my
way to B.R. and it was just an old one-eyed gorilla and a half dead
rattlesnake. It was certainly a rip-off, but a great example of the charm
of the now defunct roadside attractions that proliferated before interstate