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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Mayor Vic Schiro

Posted by: Dawleen at Sat Jun 22 00:34:54 2002
Found this collection at the New Orleans Public Library website:

Posted by: LakeviewGal at Sat Jun 22 13:04:50 2002
those are great photos! I came across a few of old mayor Vic Schiro, who if I remember correctly, lived not far from us - maybe on West End Blvd.?

Posted by: Dawleen at Sun Jun 23 18:50:02 2002
Hey, Sweetie! Vic and Sunny lived on Tern Street (I think). It is the only street that comes off of Lakeshore drive between Wisner and Marconi, across from "da' ol' Beach"

Posted by: LakeviewGal at Thu Jun 27 21:24:21 2002
And Vic lived on West End Blvd. (I would guess before he moved to Tern St.) In fact, my Dad said Vic used to come in to our little grocery store on the corner of Polk and Catina...MANY long years ago - I was a "li'l goil"!

Posted by: BB at Tue Jun 25 20:20:03 2002
My muthah's half sista was cousins wit Vic. She tells the story of how nothing could start if Vic wudn't dere. At funerals and such, people would whispa amongst theirselves as they was waiting for the event to begin, "Is Vic heah? Did Vic get heah yet?"

I never met Vic, but we invoke his name allatime as we're waiting for sumtin to stawt.