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Friday, July 12, 2024
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In my family my mother insists (and we don't protest) that she bake (in the oven) a traditional Thanksgiving turkey with the stuffing cooked inside the bird (nevermind the Salminella warnings--we're immune).

My brother and husband had additional plans. Husband wanted to fry a turkey, brother wanted to smoke one after soaking it for a day or 2 in maple syrup and Jack Daniel's. I would have voted (at the family pow-wow while opening oysters for my dear mother's stuffing) for the smoked turkey. But my husband was so determined to fry one that I kept quiet.

We'll enjoy the traditional oven baked and oyster stuffed turkey this year along with a fried one. Both will be delicious. Maybe next year we'll get to try the soaked in Jack smoked version.

My mother has a new Kenmore stove--just uncrated and installed it yesterday right before the oyster fest. Her "old stove" (a Kenmore, of course) was "Fawty-two yeahs old--dont'cha remembuh that Mimi (my grandmother) bawt it fah us when we moved in'ta this house?".

We razzed my beloved mother (who we call "Marie--as in Ray Romano's mother) that "Yeah, but tha' turkey won't taste tha same in'na new oven".

We shall see.

Mr. Lake
Fried or Smoked?
Tue Nov 26 2002 11:07:46 pm

Turkey was very good
Sat Nov 30 2002 12:59:26 am

but it took a VERY long time to cook in "Marie's" new computer operated Kenmore oven. Seems that the computer took over and kept turning itself off.

"Maire" put the turkey in it in there at 8 a.m..."I got up in'na middle ah tha gawd damned night to get tha turkey ready ta put in'nee oven faw 8 o'clock".

We ate around 3:30 p.m. Good riddance to modern conveniences in the hands of unmodern cooks.

Turkey was very good
Sat Nov 30 2002 12:59:26 am

I prefer my Turkey to be Wild
Wed Nov 27 2002 7:10:16 am

and served over ice while sitting at a Three Card Poker table in Las Vegas. I'll be enjoying turkey, both the liquid and chewable variety, with my significant other in Sin City. Plan to do the same in Biloxi at Christmas. You can tell we're both traditionalists!

I'm in "Tulsey Town", Oklahoma. The Bible Belt is really alien territory to a bourbon drinking Yat but sometimes provides endless entertainment. My nephew's best buddy (good south Louisiana cajun boy) married a Tulsa girl and relocated here. We had a good time explaining the local liquor laws to the Louisiana folks, and the antics and pre-planning that you have to go through just to get a buzz. For example, you can buy 6 point beer only in liquor stores, but they can't sell it cold. Liquor stores can sell 3.2 beer already cold, but it has to be in a completely separate store, so you have to go outside the liquor store, and go in a different door to buy the cold watered down beer. However, it's absolutely necessary to buy the cold 3.2 beer to have something to drink while the 6 point beer is chilling. Now liquor stores are also not allowed to sell ice or mixers, so you have to go to the grocery store for those. Some enterprising liquor store owners tried to get around that by giving ice away with any purchase, but that was quickly stopped. Another displaced Yat once told me, "Life was a lot easiah when ya could just go to Swaggaman's and roll outta dere wit da whole pawty in ya cawt."

We are however, progressing a little. Liquor by the drink was finally legalized in 1988!

Canada's liquor laws
Wed Nov 27 2002 11:55:33 pm
We were in British Columbia on vacation, I think around 1998. We would go into the bar of a restaurant/bar, order a drink, and be served without a problem. We'd order another, no problem. Order a third drink and they told us that unless we ordered food we could not be served more alchohol.

We were miffed at first. Flash backs of Sunday trips to the convenience stores in Baton Rouge during the 70s (was a student at LSU then) when the alchohol aisles were cardoned off and of the lights being turned up at bars at 2 a.m. We were aghast. Couldn't believe it. We had no idea that these sorts of things occured outside of New Orleans.

Thinking about the Canadian liquor laws, they make good sense. You can't get totally plastered if you keep some food in your stomach.

Like Mis Dawleen...
Wed Nov 27 2002 3:57:57 pm
...Done sayd, dere: "I might as well git me a pilla and a blankit, since I spend so much time on da flo'!" ROTFLMAOFFFFF at: "Life was a lot easiah when ya could just go to Swaggaman's and roll outta dere wit da whole pawty in ya cawt." ...Whewwwwweeee!

Mr. Lake
Dont'cha Remembuh???
Wed Nov 27 2002 4:23:30 pm
Not only could'ja "roll outta dere wit da whole pawty in ya cawt." you could buy a beah awe a high-ball an roll aroun drinkin' it while you made ya growshies!

Yes, Indeed,
I grew up thinking that all grocery stores contained bars like Schweggmann's and that the little "child seats" on the carts were really there to hold "ya hiball sose ya could sip while you was makin ya groshries." When I came to Oklahoma to house hunt and found out I had to go to a liquor store to get anything except 3.2 beer, I almost refused my transfer.

Decisions. Decisions. Fried,...
...baked, soaked?...Why not just pop open the Jack Daniels, have a smoke of the Peace Pipe and everybody get soaked? LOLOL. Couldn't resist!...We'll have baked birds; and my contribution? Two country hams, scored with diamond-shaped slits, then soaked for two hours in pineapple juice...Then, to the smoker, and, finally, studded with cloves the last hour of smoking...Wish all the very, very best! The Everetts, including Knucklehead!

In these parts it's fried, fried, fried. CT Engineer tried it for the first time last year, and wouldn't have it any other way. Turkey is delicious, and it's one less thing I have to do. Test-driving a new dirty-rice recipe from a woman from Houma with whom I played Literati on Yahoo. It will just be four of us this year, as one of the far-flung kids won't be able to make it. When I count my blessings, I number all of you! Thank you for the fascinating information and unfailing good humor you provide every day. Happy Thanksgiving to all!