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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Schwegmann's Bags

I was wrapping some presents tonight
Mon Dec 16 2002 8:34:10 pm

I gotta bag inna closet that has ribbon an bows an tags an such in it. I hadda pull da bag owda da closet in orda ta see what was inair. Guess what it sez onna bag? It sez Schwegmanns. Now it wasn't wunna doze Giant Supermarket bags. It was a brown papuh bag wid duh red Schwegmann emblazoned upon it. Dere wasn't no globe or nuthin. It was what day started to use when duh whole operation was goin unda.
I can rember dat when I usta write out checks to Schwegmann's, I was able to almost perfectly write out duh Schwegmann's like it was onna bags. I felt so connected widda place.
Jus sharin is all.

Is Dere One'a...
Dem shoppin' cawts stuck back up in dere, too? LOLOLOL!

Rememba when'nay yoosta put pickchas ah da politicians faces on'na bags? Mostly pickchas ah whatevah Schwegmann was runnin' fah office at da tom (time). But every now an'nen you'd see somebody elses face on'na bags. Ah'm thinkin' Harry Lee graced a few a dem bags.

BTW, my husband buys seafood from nis lil place on Ayalon (Airline)Hahway. Got some shrimp dere a while ago guess what con'na bags dey put 'em in?

Krauss! Bran' new Krausses bags! I could'n believe it. I was gon'na save em fah posterity but they wah all stinky from the shrimp bein' in'em.

Bags and Bags...
I gotta uh Melinda bag somewhere around here. Don't know what she wuz runnin fur. But I cant findit.

I think I hid my forty year old sneekers in it from the little lady. Betcha she foundit and threw it in da trash again.

Any of you gents out there check the trash on a regular basis to see what antique gem you've been keepin for decaded that the little lady keeps tryin to throw out?

Melinda wuz da Lootennint Guvvunah back den. Wunna huh offishul ackx wuz ta make Frankie Ford a honarerrie Lootennint Guvvunah and awawded him da title uv King uv Swamp Pop Musick. (No threat to King Fahd's kingship aw nuttin' like dat dere!).