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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Those Fried Turkeys
Sat Nov 30 2002 12:07:08 am

While the family was together during the holidays we discussed the popularity of Fried Turkey. We concluded (for no apparent reason) that this thing started somewhere in southern Louisiana and has spread far and wide.

Anybody know who first started frying turkeys--and who was the genius who invented the "Cajun Injector"?

Fried Turkeys...
I don't know who started the fried turkey process, but it has been around for a few years. While I was working at a refinery in Norco over 12 years ago I remember a place called Frenchy's Bar on Prospect Road and River Road frying a turkey for their Thanksgiving customers (Frenchy also served a mean alligator sauce piquante).

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They claim they invented it...

Interestingly, they are not located in an Acadian parish.

How about those Turduckens?

Before I get out of the house and away from this addictive Mr. Lake Forum (I love you guys, but I HAVE to walk off summa deeze Thanksgiving pounds) let me just say that the turducken concept was mostly engineered by Glen Mistich of the Gourmet Butcher Block. There are locations in Gretna and Metairie (Fat City not far from Drago's). They produce a "Turducken Sausage" if you don't feel like fooling with the actual layered carcasses of turkey, duck and chicken. Copcop invented a great gumbo with this sausage, don't ask him for a recipe. He never does the same thing twice. If you want to try the sausage, just wing it.

Who "invented" Turducken?..