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Friday, July 12, 2024
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This Week Magazine

Must'a been befooah da Dixie Roto...
Ah wonduh what Margaret was up to in nose days.

From which says:
THIS WEEK MAGAZINE section of the Times-Picayune newspaper from New Orleans, dated Dec. 3, 1950...front page, color photo shows an early Gordie Howe. There is a related article inside, with 3 more black & white hockey photos.

Gordie Howe???
Mr. Lake


Ya came ta da rite place, dawlin'...
...for info on Gordie Howe. Hubby says:

"For a Canadian to hear "Gordie Howe???" is like an American hearing someone say "Babe Ruth???". Gordie Howe is considered one of the greatest hockey players of all time. He played most of his career with the Detroit Red Wings, though of course, as with most hockey players of that era, he is Canadian. Incredibly, in a sport where players rarely played past their late thirties, he played professional hockey into his fifties, and wound up with his two sons as teammates."

(Anything more you need to know about hockey, just ask Hubby!)