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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Scoop Kennedy

Standing: Sheila Rabb, Diane Canella, Jack McGuire, Fay Startz
Seated: Scoop Kennedy
May 21, 1968
[Photo by Joseph C. Davi]


Noo Awlins TV had a popular local chef (NOT a transplanted New Englander, either!) on WDSU. Who was he?

I only knew him as Chef Paul (NOT Purdhomme). He used to be on 'Midday,' and inspired my mother to make something with Holland Rusk as a base. I remember it was good, but my dad didn't like it. End of story.

I don't know for sure, but.......I'll guess Paul Prudhomme.

Midday...Chef Paul from Brennan's?
Mr. Lake

Ah think dat's da one...Paul Blange' who created Bananas Foster.

Nope, Ah wasn't thinkin' uh any guy named Paul - Prudhomme awe uthawise. Dis wuz anutha guy...way back.

Scoop Kennedy?

You got it, Copcop!
It wasn't 'fancy' cooking - but I actually have a little old cookbook by Scoop - I'm sure it's been out of print for many years.

I found this at :
''Scoop' Kennedy formerly was a New Orleans Item newspaper reporter. His second great love (after the news business, of course) was cooking. In fact, 'Scoop' gave up his career as newsman to trade the name 'Scoop' for the name 'Chef' Kennedy. He proved to be one of the great chefs of New Orleans in his WDSU-TV cooking show and one of several great chefs who have appeared on the air in the WDSU-TV kitchen set. He was assisted in his culinary endeavors by Marie Mathews.

She started as a maid in the maintenance department of WDSU-TV, but Marie Mathews was destined for better things. She became an assistant to every chef who appeared on Channel 6. She later became a station telephone operatoe and receptionist. Then things happened for Marie. She was given her own cooking program! Marie was the sweetheart of every WDSU-TV staffer. She was honored by being inducted into the Greater New Orleans Broadcast Association's Hall of Fame.'


Didn't Scoop also write fuh da Hawd Toms Pickyoon? Oaw is Al payin a visit in mah memry?

He was a sportswriter for the T/P. Scoop also worked for Vic Schiro in the PR department.

Is the book 'Cook Along With Scoop'? That's one I have. Don't you love his recipe directions?

Would you do me a little favor Mr. CopCop? I'm not familiar with Scoop. Is there a short recipe you can post so I can see an example of his recipe directions please? Now I'm very curious.
Mrs. Fury

These are excerpts from some of the recipes:

'...To the sauce add 1/2 cup of light cream and 1/4 cup of resoundingly chopped fresh parsley. Bring to an exciting boil and let it rumble until the sauce is thickish.'

'...turn the fire up to medium and poach until the oysters curl up in dismay.'

My favorite one begins:

'My Dear Virginia, Your friends who insist there is no garlic are wrong.'

'...trundle into a preheated oven and bake 50 or 60 minutes, or until it has risen to its full height, majestically.' (for a souffle).

Or, 'Meanwhile, make a roux of fat and flour, stirring steadily and keeping your eyes fastened on what you're doing. When fascinatingly brown, dump in the vegetables.'.

Dat's da one! Ah wunda hah many udda folks got dat cookbook buhsahds you an' me, CopCop?!

(And yeah, his recipe directions are certainly...unique!)

It's a collector's item! One used book source wants over fifty bucks for a copy that's in poor condition! I think I paid under $5 for mine!

Holy cow! I had no idea - mine's in good shape - I think it was $3.95 - think I'll hold onto it!

When I go antiquing, I'll be looking for this book!
I'd love to get my hands on a copy of the book. My stepdad is a collector of cookbooks so I'm keepin mah eyes peeled.
Mrs. Fury