New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Dem dam Walmawts--whethuh dey soopuh awe reguluh--dey put awl la mom and pop stooahs out'ta bizness when nay come ta town. Ah seen it happen in New Roads. And Ah hoid and read about it happenin all ova da country. Dey like a giant monopoly--eatin up da lil places. It'a a dam shame an nobody can fight em awe beat dare prices. Ah think Walmawt ought'a be regulated jis like da othuh monopolies in'nis country. Poisimally, Ah don't shop dare cuzza dis.
Mr. Lake

walmawt's killin ma momma and daddys hawd waya stooah. dey went from 14 employees ta 3. 2 of which is mom and pop. dey had ta git rid of da plant & gawdin section, da paint section, and any udda section dat walmawt can sell cheapa. dey had ta stawt selling hawd ta fond things like crawfish nets and small plummin pawts and propane and things. dey were da only hawdwaya stowa between avondale and des allemands on hwy 90. da only thing killin em is dat daggone walmawt! (dat's pawt udda reason i'd like ta kick dale c. right in HIS plummin section.)

Walmawt and Loew's and HomeDepot-- Dey awl got good prices but think of awl la businesses dey put out'ta business. Not jis da hawdwaya stooahs but da fabric shops, da gawdnin places, clothin and shoe stooah, some'a da foinichuh stooahs. Ah could go on and on. Even small groshry stooahs go ta pot when a Walmawt opens. It's sad. Da whole small town stawts ta looze it's charictuh.
Mr. Lake