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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Scheinuk the Florist on St. Charles according to an article in New Orleans Magazine by Erroll LaBorde, Scheinuk is closing in May to make way for some condominiums on St. Charles. Mon Apr 21, 2003
Yeah, it was still there in early April and appeared to be still in business. When I accompanied Engineer to that convention, we took a shuttle bus to the 3000 block of St. Charles to be wined and dined, and on the way back, I noticed it. Poor Engineer. He was regaled with tales of making the rounds of florists with Aunt B. every spring to view their Easter decorations. Back in those days, the only time one patronized them was when somebody died or married. He also had to hear 'When Copeland's Was Crescent City Motors.' And does Emeril now own DelMonico's? Poor Engineer. He's a patient soul. Glad to have him back after his 9 days visiting his Mamanem, and he seems equally glad to be home.

Remember the bunnies on St. Charles and Farleys on Elysian Fields and Gentilly? Easter was fun back then.
We usta go every year to see those bunnies wit our aunt--both locations--on the bus from Metairie. It was a great adventure. We used to do it at Christmas, too. Of course, nothing from a florist ever came into our house, so it was very exotic!
It was St Charles and if ah ramembah coreckly dat flawrist is gone. Ah usta live down da street an wood always take a stroll down dere ta see da bunnies. Sad dat it's gone nah.

yeah da memries! I nevah liked Gold Bricks maself, but ma sistas wah nuts about dem. I rathahed da Heavenly Hash, but ma favahrit was da Pecan Eggs. My mama gave me 2 Gold Bricks & a Heavenly Hash in ma basket taday. Aftah all dese yeahs, she still don ramemba dat Ah don like da Gold Bricks! Ah, glad she's still around ta give em to me doh.

Growing up, when I wus real little, our nex doah naybah woiked at da Elmah's. He wood bring home candy all da tahm an wood always make a bag fa each a us girls.
Fahnd Memries!

Happy Easta Yall