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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Drivers Licenses

Don't have a phrase handy for translation, BUT--did anyone else's family refer to driver's license as plural? Or was it our mom's quirk? She used to say things like: "I didn't realize that my license had expired, so I hurried over to get them renewed."

Not a licenses story but a license plate story. I've always had an obsession with license plates since I was a kid...the result of trying to remember the number of the car that passed me as I was walking to church on that little street where Sal's SnoBall stand and Majoria Drugs are now, wherein a prevert (poivoit?) was , shall we say, pleasuring himself (The webmistress might delete this so read it while you can). I've long since forgotten the number but not the obsession of noticing license plates. My goal was to find 123B456, back when the plates were like that. Guess where I finally saw 123B456 at? The DMV in Kennah. Some emplyee there musta taken advantage uh da system.
I've also heard folks refer to a single license as "them". In addition, I have heard people say that they couldn't drive "because I ain't got license".
How come we get brake tags but everybody else gets "Inspection Stickers"?
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