New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Friday, July 12, 2024
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Dixie 45 Beer

The story behind the name:

My husband's Uncle Gene Benefield (a delightful and colorful character) was out at "The Camp" for 4th of July. He told us his version of why it was (for a time) called Dixie "45" Beer:

Seems that the brewerey workers would amble over the Nick's Bar (Tulane Avenue across from the brewery) after work. One of them commented that Nick's had never been robbed. Nick reached under the bar, pulled out a 45 pistol, waved it around, and said "This is why I don't get robbed. The 45. Nobody messes with a 45!"

The guys got a kick out of this and started calling Nick "45", as in "I'll have another Dixie, 45" and "Give 'em another round'a Dixie, 45". This caught on. It became part of the local lingo.

So the brewery workers suggested to their boss that he ought to change the name of the beer to "Dixie 45". And it was done.

Until Colt 45 came out with their product. A copyright search was done, Colt 45 proved that no one else had rights to the name, and Dixie had to discontinue using the "45".

Interesting story. Don't know if it's true.