New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Monday, June 17, 2024
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Night Blooming Jasmine

Hot New Orleans summer nights were made so sweet long ago with the smell of jasmine.
Night jasmine is one of those scents that immediately takes me back to my years growing up in N.O. That lovely super-sweet smell! It added something special to the warm, sultry atmosphere...unfortunately, we don't get a lot of "sultry" up here in Canada!
...Dont mean to be "familiar" and "fast" or nothing like that, but if you keep posting about Jasmin, whew, I'm gonna have to ask you out for a date: Whaddya say we go over to Ms. Diane's and have a stuffed flounder at Jack Dempsey's? LOLLLLLLLLLLL!...Damn, pick your poison:
Intoxicating a word that wafted into my brain pan last time I was caught unawares by a night blooming jasmine bush.