New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Monday, June 17, 2024
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Ninth Ward

Reading the thoughts brought be back 60 years to N.O, my native land. I lived downtown (9th Ward)the first 10 years of my 70+ years and my ancestors all lived downtown from my gr grandfather on. Live chickens in cages was at St. Roch Market, Lutchens bar was where my aunt and her future husband courted each other, I believe the spelling of the service station on St. Claude was Jenkens, and I graduated from Sacred Heart High School on Canal St. How about the roller skating parties on Friday night on the St. Aloysius playground with dancing inside. Home Plate Inn across from Pelican Stadium on Tulane was a meeting place for baseball players - good Blue Plate specials lunches. If I could only turn the clock back - but memories will have to suffice.
I grew up on Urquhart Street, a block from the SPCA. I loved (and still do) the "Nint' Wawd" and make frequent visits there to some of my old favorite "watering holes".

When I was in the Navy, none of my shipmates believed I was from New Orleans. They all thought I was from Queens or Brooklyn. I didn't understand the connection way back then, but now I realize that the mix of German, Italian, Spanish, French and goodness knows what else results in the wonderful accent we have here and, in a similar fashion, in Noo Yawk!