New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Monday, June 17, 2024
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Milneburg Lighthouse at Pontchartrain Beach

Posted by: Dawleen at Tue Jun 25 10:03:04 2002
When UNO Technology Park was beginning to be constructed I felt a concern about the status of the old Milneburg Lighthouse. I contacted UNO Chancellor Gregory O'Brien who assured me that the Lighthouse was going to be restored and will remain part of the New Orleans Lakefront.

Posted by: Cathy at Tue Jun 25 10:27:12 2002
I too, was relieved when I saw that UNO promised to preserve (and in fact restore) the old lighthouse. Just recently I hit a UNO webpage that includes the most recent plans.

Scheduled to open in 2002, a "Hilton Garden Inn" will be at the sight of the lighthouse and the lighthouse will be adjacent to the pool. Sounds like a sell out to me. Kind of the Disneyization of our heretage.


Posted by: LakeviewGal at Tue Jun 25 12:09:38 2002