New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Monday, June 17, 2024
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Nick's Bigtrain Bar

An institution located across from tha Dixie Broory. Owned by Mr. Nick Castrodigiavanni (?sp?) who created all sorts of exotic and amazing cocktails. One of our favorite spots when I was young. One of my favorite "seats" there (when the bar was crowded) was atop several cases of Dixie Beer (in the bottle).

I remember when Mr. Nick was still working there (early to mid 70s). Later his brother (who's name I can't remember) sort of took over when Mr. Nick got too old to come in every day/night. The brother (also quite old at that time) was very resentful of Nick, claiming that he (the brother) had REALLY invented the famous cocktails and that Nick had stolen the credit.

Look for the mural of the "Big Train" on the side of the building. I think it's still there.