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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Charlie's New York Delicatessen, located on Metry Road, offered a gawjus
plattah of cold cuts and cheese that my parents would get for special occasions
like Christmas Eve or when company was coming over. My sister, who is serving
out a life sentence in Ohio for the crime of abandoning her New Awlins roots,
takes great pride in preparing a such a plattah for special guests.
Hee-hee! I thought this offering was going to reminisce about those little black vinyl records we used to carry back and forth to each other's houses for king cake parties, slumber parties and other get-togethers. I had a whole buncha Elvis 45s, Pat Boone, even Bill Haley and the Comets singing 'Rock Around the Clock.'
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I bucked my entire crowd by NOT being an Elvis fan, but Pat Boone was my idol. I had his LP's. I had a lot of 45's, but about the only one I can remember at the moment is 'Get a Job' - (was it the 'Silhouettes'?). Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip, boom boom boom boom boom boom, get a job! (Boy, they don't write lyrics like that anymore, do they?)
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I'm doing my time in Canada for the double crime of leaving N.O. AND marrying a Canadian. Actually, I like it here, but the winters! (Let's not even go there!)

And I remember the party spreads my mom used to set out on New Year's Eve - as a kid, my favorite things weren't anything fancy, but sweet pickles and those little bitty holland onions - seems it was the only time of year we had them in our house.
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Did does plattahs have meats aw hogshead cheese aw oystah patties aw what?
An' wheah was Charlies and what's dere now?
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It was a gawjus array of luncheon meats and white and yellow cheeses. Charlie's New York Delicatessan was located roughly where ya Oscar's is located to the old Owl Food Store and a few doors down from the Metairie Bakery.
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My husband an' I picked out our cake at da Metaire Bakery in 1977. I thought it tasted kinda stale, but I digress. What I really wanna know is WHAT STORE OR RESTAURANT IS NOW WHERE DA METAIRIE BAKERY WAS?

Thanks in advance for your response.
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I remember decadent kingcake parties from 5th grade at Gentilly Terrace. 'Spin the Bottle' parties, that's what they were, and the kingcake was just a means to decide who would give the next party.
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At our parties, in addition to kingcake, chips and dips were served. As my father would drop me off he'd always say,'Don't get the baby.' When he picked me up, he'd always say, 'So wud dey have? Pickles, potato chips and olives?' That has become a catch phrase in my family whenever asked what was served at a party.
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At owa King Cake Pawtys eitha ya had ta be in owa click awe ya hadta have good recuds ta bring. We was Frats but we invited summa da Pits sometimes if day had reeeeeelly good 45s. An' if a girl showed up widdout GO-GO boots she was banished.

Kids can be cruel.

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Cat, You da bes', dawl! Yeah, you mah konna poison (not as in a poisonous substance, but as in a mispronunciation of 'person')!

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