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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Roast Beef Po-Boys

Topic: "Olden" Roas' Beef sammitches in da Nint' Wawd
Posted by: Dawleen at Sun Jun 23 18:55:15 2002
Roas' Beef Sammitches of Histree in da Nint' Wawd area: Huerstel's, Clarence an' Lefty's, Blaise Sauro's, Student's Inn, Li'l Pete's, Red Panel, Mandich, Bruddah Hoovah's (Poland and Urquhart) and dawggone if I kin remembah da Place on Nort' Galvez near da Celotex plant dat had da bestest, elbow drippin'est, twenny-two napkinest roas' beef sammitches Ah evuh had in muh life!