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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Russian Cake & the Mackenzies Ladys

Posted by: Cathy at Wed Jun 26 00:29:29 2002
What was the name of the Mackenzie's cake that was made out of old stale pieces of other cakes? Was it a Russian Cake?

My mother loved these. But I can't remember if "Russian Cake" is what they were called.

And I'm thinking that we could do a big long string on the recently defunct Mackenzies.

For instance, the lady at my latest local Mackenzie's (am I spelling it right?) on Metairie Road was a rather large woman with lots of make-up who's lipstick formed a delicate little heart in the general area where her natural lips were located. I grew up near Vets. and David Drive/Power Blvd. and the ladies at the Mackenzies there (back in the 60s & 70s) looked just like my new lady on Met. Rd. Did they all look like that?

Posted by: OKYat at Wed Jun 26 18:06:04 2002
Haydel's still makes Russian cake. I didn't realize how much vodka it had in it until I didn't have it for awhile.

Topic: Vodka? There was vodka in the Russian Cakes???
Posted by: Cathy at Thu Jun 27 00:01:55 2002
I never knew that. Don't think I ever tasted one. Maybe that's why my Mother liked them so much.

Topic: I remember Russian cake...
Posted by: LakeviewGal at Wed Jun 26 04:43:12 2002
I don't know if this pronunciation was just in my neighborhood, but I remember people calling this cake "Rooshun". Also remember doberge cake ("dobash").

Don't know why, but I loved McKenzie's petits-fours ("petty-foahs") - those little squares of plain white cake with the pastel icing. I think it was also McKenzie's where we got turtles - those round disks of sort of pecan shortbread with the most wonderful fudgy-tasting glob on top. And of course, the donuts!

And as for the McKenzie ladies - they were often wonderful examples of an older yat generation.

Topic: An' Black Out Cakes
Posted by: Cathy at Thu Jun 27 00:16:40 2002
an' "Cocanut Dahlight" cakes --my Mimi's (grandmother's) favorite.

An' the old timey dried up King Cakes that only had tha' purple, green, & gold shuh-gah on top (no fancy smancy icin' awe fillin' like they do tahday at Randazza's an all kinda' utthah places (incloodin' growshry stooaws).

An' I even remebah' when tha babys wha' made outta' poowsalin. Not plastic like nah' a days. POOWSALIN! Awe maybe it jist sa-ram-ics. What evah it was it was white with a lil' red hat on it. An' it stood up strait, not sittin' down like that plastic babies do nah'.

I still have one someplace--I think in tha' same place as my baby teeth but I can't find neithah' of em. Which might be a good thing.