New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Friday, July 12, 2024
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Reptile Jungle

Ah remebuh da Retahl Jungil! September 9 2003, 6:17 PM

Mah mama sat inna caw cuz she was afraid a da snakes and wooden go in!

Da onliess ting Ah remembuh was da snake pit cuz Ah wuz real liddle. Dey was dis big pit fulla snakes an nis crazy man wuz in nere pickin up da snakes an tawkin about 'em.

Okie Yat

The reptile Jungle in Mr. Lake's image was at U. S. 90 where it meets U. S. 190, also the location of a former White Kitchen a few miles West of Pearlington, MS near the LA/MS border. Arthur Jones, the operator of that particular reptile jungle went on to bigger and better things, see>
So he's da guy who invented da Nautilus exsahsoz machine, huh?

An'na crocadahl Dundee on top'a dat. Quite a Rentasauce guy, dat Awthuh was.

Mr. Lake