New Orleans History -- Lake Pontchartrain
Monday, June 17, 2024
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Art Trivia

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1879 Illustration from The Nathanial Bishop book Four Months in a Sneakbox.
Name the location of this illustration.

Dis is
Dere whah hundreds a dese fish swimmin around town a few yeahs ago--ya still see some nah an'nen. Ah loved 'em, still do. Afta da project was ova, dey auctioned off a lotta da fis

Dis is da jacket covuh faw a Robert Tallant book.
What's da name'a da book?

Dis sculptcha is cawled
Da question is, whaya is dis one located?

Franck Schneider painted this portrait c. 1920s based on an earlier painting by George Catlin.
Who is the subject of this portrait and why was she well known throughout the city (if not the world)?

Here is an illustration of West End from a book published in 1874.
Name the book and the author.

Here's a very famous painting of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange in 1873,
painted by a guy who had close ties to the city. Who is the artist?

Here's an illustrations called 'WINTER IN THE SOUTH' - for an article in HARPER'S NEW MONTLY MAGAZINE, December 1858.
This woodcut engraving is captioned 'The Light-House - Lake Pontchartrain'. Two part question: 1. Identify the lighthouse 2. Tell us its' location

High above the Reception Desk, enthroned in a leafy bower, Rex, King of the Carnival and Monarch of Merriment, greets his loyal
subjects and visitors. This lovely Mardi Gras image was created for invitations to the Rex Ball of 1893..." Who's the artist?

I love this gigantic clarinet. Where is it?